Uploading Your Files

Step 1: Upload Your Files

Uploading your existing footage for us to edit is very easy! Follow the steps below and watch our tutorial video for helpful instructions! If your videos are on a video platform such as YouTube, HUDL or Veo, please provide those links and available login information via email.

1. Visit https://asm.wetransfer.com

2. Hit the blue ‘I agree’ button to accept WeTransfer’s Terms & Conditions.

3. Next, hit the big blue plus button on the left side of the screen; this will open up another screen where you can then find and select the files on your computer that you’d like to send to us. (Be sure to rename the files something meaningful like “Michael_Game1.MP4, Michael_Game2.MOV, etc.” before you upload them).

4. Enter your email address. WeTransfer will send you a confirmation email that your files were successfully sent to us.

5. In the message section please include your name and your son or daughter’s name.

6. Hit the big grey ’transfer’ button. Depending on the file sizes and number of files this may take a bit of time, so make sure you leave this page open until you see a success message indicating that the files were transferred.

Step 2: Select Your Plays

Now that you’ve successfully uploaded your files to us, it’s time to tell us which plays you’d like us to use! If you haven’t done so already, download the our Play Selection Sheet (PDF / EXCEL) and upload it using WeTransfer or email it to info@americansportsmemories.com. Alternatively, we can review your games and select the clips for you for $75/game.

Step 3: We’ll Work Our Magic

We’ll use your selected plays to create an awesome recruiting or highlight video for you. We typically have a proof ready for your review 7-10 business days after receiving your files.