Transfer Instructions

Below are the instructions for transferring footage to ASM after a game


Put all your clips into a single timeline with straight cuts, no cross fades or transitions. Please add our video bumpers to the beginning and ending of your video.


Export your single timeline as an MP4 codec with a H.264 or H.265 format. Aim for no bigger than 8-10gb.


Label your final file with the project number, game date, and game time. (i.e. 19815-081519-11AM.MP4)


Visit ASM.WETRANSFER.COM and transfer the file(s) to us. If you’ve never used WeTransfer, follow this tutorial. In the message section please put your job number. Our pro account has a 20gb limit, if you’re seeing a 2gb limit please sign out of your account or open our link in a private window.


After you’ve sent us your file(s) please send a paypal money request or invoice to If you’d like to be paid by check, email us an invoice. Please make sure to include your project number in your invoice. Note: we cannot make Paypal friends & family payments. If you were hired on UpWork, payment will be handled through their platform.