Phoebe Bergson

Phoebe Bergson

Phoebe Bergson

5' 5"
Ward Melville Patriots & United Club
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Ever since seventh grade when I decided to try out for the middle school volleyball team, I fell in love with the sport. The thought of not continuing to play the sport that I am so passionate about throughout college leaves a deep pit in my stomach. My love for the game has brought me to decide that I would do anything to continue to improve and play at the collegiate level. 

I have always been known amongst my coaches, my teammates and my family as one of the hardest workers on and off the court. I have been a captain of my club team for four years and I’ve always had a very strong relationship with each and every one of my teammates. I am a well-rounded and coachable player, constantly looking for ways to improve. 

In addition to my work ethic on the court, I work equally as hard in school. My academics have always been an extremely important part of my life and maintaining exceptional grades are super important to me. I attend Ward Melville High School and work for a 4.0 GPA every year. Despite the high level of honors and AP classes that I’m enrolled in, I constantly put my studies first and obtain high grades. 

I hope to find a school that I am able to put my academic and athletic skills to the test in addition to having a nice balance between the two. I am willing to push myself to match high-level competition in the classroom and I believe that the Division III level of volleyball would be perfect for what I am looking for. Whatever school I decide is right for me will be one that I put every ounce of work into for my family, my peers and myself.


Academic Accomplishments:

  • Honors Physics
  • AP World History
  • AP US History
  • AP Language and Composition
  • Pre-Calculus Honors BC
  • Honors Spanish
  • Honors Chemistry
  • AP Psychology
  • Honors Human Anatomy/Physiology
  • Honors English
  • National Junior Honors Society
  • Junior EMT program
  • HOSA club