Damia Ellis

Damia Ellis

Columbia, South Carolina
5' 8"
Setter and Right Side Hitter
Points per game
Assists per game
Rebounds per game

Hi, my name is Damia Ellis and I am a student-athlete who loves volleyball, animals, art, fashion, music, movies, video games, TikTok, and hanging out with my cousins and friends. I love to play my clarinet and last year I made first chair. I am passionate about art and I love to draw portraits, flowers, and cartoon characters. I am passionate about creating and learning new things and figuring out how to make things work. During COVID-19, I wanted to learn how to do more creative things, so I watched lots of YouTube and learned how to apply acrylic, gel, and powder nails, eye lashes, and makeup; I made a wig and learned how to pierce. I have a passion for beauty.

I love volleyball! When I was born, my sister, Diara, was 12 years old and she went on to play collegiate volleyball, so I have been around volleyball all of my life. Diara taught me how to play all of the positions on the court and how to be an all-around player. I’ve had great coaches and trainers who has helped me to grow and play on competitive teams. My goal is to continue to grow and increase my volleyball IQ and play on teams that push me to be better and play collegiate and maybe even professional volleyball.

As a freshman in high school, this year has been an adjustment with COVID-19 and online learning, but I am doing well.

For two years (2019 and 2020), I tried out and made the USA Volleyball High Performance Team/Training/Academy! I was so excited and honored for this accomplishment and being amongst the top youth volleyball players in the United States. I started playing competitive volleyball when I was twelve years old and every year, I have always been selected to play on the top teams. I hustle and train hard to get better and contribute to my team. I am a leader on and off the court. I love volleyball!